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Baked Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a really simple, cheap, and yummy dinner solution that is perfect during the winter exam season! I know this is mostly a fashion or beauty blog, but from the blog’s conception, I also wanted to include food recipes as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good lens to shoot in indoor or low-light settings until I received my new lens a few days ago :)!

The prep time for this meal is around 30 minutes or less, it takes 50 minutes to bake. You will need to spend about 15 minutes seasoning the chicken thighs and 15 minutes cutting the sweet yam. I also like this meal because it is super cheap. A pack of 4 chicken thighs was $4 and the sweet potatoes came up to $1.50 at my local overpriced grocery store (Metro). I also buy these pre-made and pre-washed spring salad containers because it is super convenient. They are around $5 and usually last a week for my boyfriend and I.

Here is a picture of the finished meal:


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