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In-depth Clarisonic Mia I Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence! I wish I could say that I was busy with summer activities…but it’s mostly because a lack of motivation. Thanks to my readers and friends who provide me with the encouragement I needed.

On the blog today is an overdue review of the Clarisonic Mia I. I’ve been using this for almost two months now, and I’m happy to report that I looove it, and that it’s become irreplaceable in my skin care routine.

What is the Clarisonic Mia? I’m sure it’s no stranger to most of your ears, but basically it is like an electronic toothbrush for your face! The Clarisonic promises to “transform your skin”, but I that is a bit of an overstatement. How it works is that the bristles will vibrate at 300 movements/second to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. When you first purchase it, it comes with the sensitive brush head, the charger, and a mini gel cleanser (which I do not use). clarisonic1_edited

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Classic Statement Lip

Hey everyone! I had a great vacation in San Francisco and Los Angeles :)! If you would like to see details of my trip please visit my friend’s travel blog or my Instagram for pictures.

Recently, I went over to Amy‘s house and we played around with our new purchases. One of the looks we did was a classic statement lip, which is what I will be sharing with you today.initial look

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YSL Foundation Review

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and New Years :). For Christmas I received an amazing present from Amy! It is the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation :)! Ever since it launched, I’ve been pretty curious about it. I have to say the product did not disappoint.

foundationI have it in BD40. YSL has three categories, B for Beige or Neutral, BR for Beige Rose (pink undertones), and BD for Beige Dore (yellow undertones). Naturally I picked up the shade with yellow undertones. Unfortunately, in North America they do not sell BD 30, but BD40 is a really good match for my skin tone.

swatchesThe swatch at the Top is Lancome’s Teint Miracle Foundation in Buff 2(W) (reviewed in detail here) and the one at the bottom is YSL Touch Eclat in BD40. The Lancome appears to be slightly light and too peachy for my skin tone while the YSL is slightly more yellow. When blended however both seem to match my skin colour when blended. However it does seem that the Teint Miracle seem to accentuate the bumps while YSL mutes these lines.

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Schwarzkopft Dry Shampoo Review

One of my biggest pet peeves is oily hair. Unfortunately, I have oily hair myself, but even then I avoid washing my hair everyday because it strips the moisture from my hair and it tends to dry out the ends of my hair. Generally I wash my hair every other day, but even then on the second day my hair can become more oily than my liking. I decided to try the Schwarzkopft Osis+ Refresh Dust for $18. It’s a dry shampoo in the form of a spray. I only picked this up because it was recommended to me by the sales assistant at a hair products shop at Pacific Mall. At first I was skeptical of the sales lady, but decided to buy it anyways. In the end I was pleased with the product. This is the before and after photo:


Please excuse my glasses and retainers, it was my hermit day. As you can see my hair is noticeably neater and less greasy!

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Guest Post: Inglot haul

Hello “Simply Becca Blog” readers!

My name is Amy, a long-time friend of Becca and a fellow makeup enthusiast who has been avidly following this blog ever since its inception. When Bec invited me to write a guest post to show off my recent makeup haul from Inglot, I happily agreed.

Inglot Freedom System 10 Eye Shadow Square Palette

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Uneven Eyes & Wonder Eyelid Tape Review

Hey everyone! A few month ago, I purchased the the Wonder Eyelid Tape in Extra Strength from eBay. Since I was born I had uneven eyes, where one is lidded, while the other one is a monolid. Apparently this is a pretty common phenomenon in East Asians. Generally the differences between the size of the eyes are not too noticeable in every day situations to other people. Although I am  I’m pretty comfortable with how my eyes look I was really interested if these eyelid tapes could make my eyes look even for special events and photographs.

Here is the product:


As I said, I purchased it on eBay for about $10 including shipping. There are 150 tapes, and it comes with a tweezer shaped thing for application.

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Academic Affair & Modcloth Haul

Hey everyone! I placed a order on Modcloth a few weeks ago, and it arrived recently. Modcloth is currently doing a promotion: get $20 off a $50+ purchase if you have a referral link (here’s mine) until Oct 31. When I received the promotion, I promptly placed an order for two items because Modcloth rarely has any coupons or discounts! I ordered an over-sized sweater and a bow-tie blouse. The blouse is featured in this outfit!

Pine Green Wool Beret
(Ebay)/Academic Tweed Blazer (All Saints)/Bow-tie bouse (Modcloth)/Wool Navy Skirt (American Eagle)/ Ferragamo Vara Heels in Navy (Ebay) / Leather Tote (from China)

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