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Marketing Schemes: Conditioner vs. Deep Conditioner

I went to the drug store the other day to pick up a deep conditioner. My hair is pretty long now and the ends have been dyed multiple times so I was in need of a good deep conditioner. I decided to pick up Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Conditioner. I had high hopes for it because I like other Dove products such as their shampoo and body washes.

However…there was something eerie when I was using the conditioner. My hair felt just as it did before, and the texture of the conditioner reminded me of something else I already had… Then I realized I had their regular Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner.

I quickly checked the ingredients on both products and they pretty much had the same ingredients. The only difference was that the “deep conditioner” was twice as expensive at Shoppers and the two products were packaged differently!


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