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In-depth Clarisonic Mia I Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence! I wish I could say that I was busy with summer activities…but it’s mostly because a lack of motivation. Thanks to my readers and friends who provide me with the encouragement I needed.

On the blog today is an overdue review of the Clarisonic Mia I. I’ve been using this for almost two months now, and I’m happy to report that I looove it, and that it’s become irreplaceable in my skin care routine.

What is the Clarisonic Mia? I’m sure it’s no stranger to most of your ears, but basically it is like an electronic toothbrush for your face! The Clarisonic promises to “transform your skin”, but I that is a bit of an overstatement. How it works is that the bristles will vibrate at 300 movements/second to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. When you first purchase it, it comes with the sensitive brush head, the charger, and a mini gel cleanser (which I do not use). clarisonic1_edited

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