Blog Roll

I wasn’t obsessed with fashion until I started following these lovely ladies:

Classy Girls Wear Pearls – Sarah has a very charming, vibrant and vintage style. She reminds me of a more casual version of Kate Middleton.

Extra Petite – Jean has great clothing reviews, DIYs, quality outfit posts and she also provides expert advise on fit for petite sized women.

Her Waise Choice – Jen’s a Vancouver-based blogger with an a very simple, refined, and classic style.

The Little Dust Princess – Jessy, a fellow Toronto blogger, has the greatest updates on sales, clothing reviews and an excellent style.

Tse Parfait – Fellow Queen’s student blogger. She has very classy and comfy style.

Wendy’s Look Book – Of course, Wendy is almost every blogger’s favourite!

My favourite beauty gurus:

BubzBeauty – I adore Lindy’s personality and honest reviews. Her beauty posts, YouTube comedy channel as well as her dogs always put a smile to my face.

Lisa Eldridge – Lisa is my favourite make-up guru. She is so articulate, intelligent, and provides the best technical make up advice.

FrmHeadtoToe – Jen is probably one the first make up gurus I began following. She is so sweet, honest and has very practical and wearable tutorials.


Amy Aime: Loves makeup, board games, cards and travelling

Makeup Resources:

MakeupAlley – Before I make a purchase, I always like to check out the reviews on MUA beforehand. There are hundreds of reviews for almost every possible product.


2 thoughts on “Blog Roll

  1. Amy

    “Amy Aime: Loves makeup, board games, cards and travelling”
    I eat carbs, not flimsy paper rectangles with pictures of kings, queens and jacks. ;)


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