In-depth Clarisonic Mia I Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence! I wish I could say that I was busy with summer activities…but it’s mostly because a lack of motivation. Thanks to my readers and friends who provide me with the encouragement I needed.

On the blog today is an overdue review of the Clarisonic Mia I. I’ve been using this for almost two months now, and I’m happy to report that I looove it, and that it’s become irreplaceable in my skin care routine.

What is the Clarisonic Mia? I’m sure it’s no stranger to most of your ears, but basically it is like an electronic toothbrush for your face! The Clarisonic promises to “transform your skin”, but I that is a bit of an overstatement. How it works is that the bristles will vibrate at 300 movements/second to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. When you first purchase it, it comes with the sensitive brush head, the charger, and a mini gel cleanser (which I do not use). clarisonic1_edited

I think the Clarisonic is suitable for almost every skin type for the following reasons:

  • Dry skin: helps remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate your skin. The delicate, sensitive brush head would be must suitable.
  • Oily skin: helps to deep clean pores and remove impurities to help prevent pimple formation. The sensitive, normal or deep pore brush head would be most suitable.
  • Aging or Blemished skin: helps remove dirt and debris to speed up the recovery process. Also helps products (anti-aging serums, or brightening serums) to better penetrate the skin. The delicate or sensitive brush head would be appropriate.
  • Normal skin: Again, normal skin would benefit from exfoliation and deep cleansing for the reasons listed above. Delicate or normal brush head would be appropriate.

Most importantly, I highly recommend the Clarisonic to those that wear make up on a daily basis. The Clarisonic is able to pick up debris that might have been missed by another method such as with a wash cloth or hands. It supposedly cleans 6x more effective than hands alone based on fluorescent testing by their own research lab (bias?). Also, it will improve the texture of your skin (by removing dead cells) and as a result your makeup will have a smoother application.

However, despite all of these benefits, it is not a miracle worker. It is not going to significantly change the appearance of your skin by itself. I would recommend it to those with an existing skincare routine. The Clarisonic will work synergistically with your existing skin products. For example, it will improve the efficacy of your cleanser, and allow any lotions to be better absorbed into the skin. In my experience it only improved any skin concerns I had, but did not eliminate them.

My initial impression: With the sensitive brush head, I felt it was a bit abrasive and rough to the skin (later I realize I was pressing the brush head with too much force to the skin). My face felt very smooth and clean, but I didn’t notice any other differences.

Initially, In the first few weeks, I broke out more than usual. This is what a lot of users experience, (for pictures and in-depth example see shaaanxo’s wonderful video review).

However after the two weeks, I experienced noticeably less redness and break outs in my oily zones (between eyebrows and chin). I noticed my skin was smoother, less flaky and softer to the touch. I still had very small pimples and slight redness in the problem areas, but the intensity is just diminished. Since I have oily skin, I am prone to white heads on my nose. Usually after I shower I use a tool or my fingers to press against my nose, and a significant amount of white heads would pop out (I know this sounds gross, but it is oddly satisfying). After using the Clarisonic, there is less white head formation, and as a result, the size of the pores decreased on my nose. I am also prone to black heads formation on my nose, but the Clarisonic did not improve or worsen this issue.

When I stopped using my Clarisonic for a weekend visit, I would notice small cystic breakouts immediately forming. The same thing would occur if I neglect my skin care in some way. Such as working out with makeup, or exercising and washing my face significantly later.


Some facts:

  • It takes 24H for a full charge. One charge will last for 2 weeks if used once daily.
  • You can remove the brush head to clean the inside (but I don’t find this necessary since it is basically cleaning itself during use). I would not keep the clarisonic in a the bathroom due to the humidity because if still water accumulates it may encourage bacteria and or mold to grow.
  • The suggested time to replace the brush head is every 3-4 month if used twice daily (like a toothbrush), but I will replace it when I notice fraying of the bristles of the brush head.
  • It is very easy to take off the brush head. You can interchange brush heads for different issues.
  • The only difference between the Mia I and Mia II is that the Mia II has two speeds, but both Mia devices are equip with the faster speed setting. I find one speed sufficient for my needs.
  • The difference between the brush heads is the length of the bristles. The gentler ones have longer bristles and the harsher heads have shorter bristles.
  • I think it is best used if you gently hold it on your skin and move very slowly across the face. You can get a deeper clean if you press is against your skin with more force (but I wouldn’t recommend it).

And lastly, the most important question, is it worth the money? I understand that Clarisonic is very expensive especially for a university student, but I am happy that I invested in one. I recommend investing in one if you have a skin concern that bothers you, if you wear make up frequently or if you constantly trying to improve your skin care routine. Do not get the Clarisonic if you neglect your skin care, because it will not solve your problems. Also, if you are prone to breakouts from stress or hormones, they will still happen if you use the Clarisonic, but with a reduced intensity. So do not get the Clarisonic expecting to have perfect skin (I don’t think you can achieve perfect skin with any product).

A good time to purchase them is if you are travelling to the US because the base price is $119 vs. $139 (+more tax) in Canada. Or during Sephora’s promotion events. Right now they have a 2x the points for beauty insider, and 3x the points as a VIB. Or you can wait until Nov when Sephora sends out their annual coupons ($15 for BI) or 20% off for VIBs!

In conclusion/TLDR: Clarisonic Mia will benefit all skin types, but it will not transform your skin. It is best used to enhance an existing skin care routine. In my experiences it diminished the size of my pores and the occurrence of white heads and cystic pimples, but not black heads. It also evened out my skintone, improved texture of my skin and improved the makeup application process. You will not achieve “perfect skin”, but it may improve skin concerns you may have. The effects of the Clarisonic is only maintained through existing skin care.

Thank you for reading this super long review guys! I hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them. I will be posting more frequently, but with shorter entries! Look out for cleanser reviews, and smoothie recipes :).

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4 thoughts on “In-depth Clarisonic Mia I Review


    I totally agree with your review. When I first got my Clarisonic I was waiting for an overnight miracle, but it’s not like that. After about 6 weeks I now find that my skin is much, much better, but in a subtle way. I get fewer spots and any I do get, the Clarisonic nips them in the bud straight away. Any red marks I’ve had from spots gone by have now also disappeared.

    It’s interesting that you say you got break outs when you stopped using it. I’m now too scared to ever stop using mine now, just in case that happens to me!!

    1. Becca Post author

      Thanks for you comment! I agree it is marketed as a miracle product but it takes some time to take effect :)! I think part of the contributing factor was because I wasn’t using my regular cleansers since I was traveling every weekend, don’t be scared to take a break from the Clarisonic when you feel it’s necessary! I actually took a break this past weekend and it was fine since I brought my regular skin are items.


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