Carry On for International Flight

Hi everyone! In preparation for my California trip next week I have starting packing all my liquids. As you may be aware, currently carry-ons have specific restrictions for liquids due to security reasons. You may still carry liquids in your luggage but many flights require additional cost to ship your luggage. If you’re planning a short trip, there may be no need for the additional luggage. Hopefully this will help you organize your travel necessities for your vacation!

Here are some general guide lines (may vary depending on airlines):

  • Max liquid capacity  – 100mL/container
  • All liquids must be placed in a clear plastic bag no larger than 20cmx20cm (8in x 8in)
  • The bag must be able to close completely

For my carry on, I have brought a combination of my favourite, most used products as well as some samples. The ziplock with the containers is from Shoppers Drug Mart for about $13.ziplock bag

carry on - skincare

From left to right:

  • Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Toner: love this! I’ve been using it for years (mentioned in this post).
  • Dior Capture Totale Serum (sample size): I love these sample sized serums for travel. I’ve only been testing this for a few days but I’m liking it so far since it has visibly lightened my recent acne scar but the price of the full size is pretty insane…
  • Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion: my go to night time lotion or daytime if applied under sunscreen. I almost finished the 125mL bottle and I think it’s a great lightweight, basic moisturizer.
  • Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30: really liquidly lotion that is suitable for summer. The container contains 2 plastic samples. I’ve only used it once and I really like the high SPF and the lightweight texture.
  • Algenist Multi-Pore Correcting Gel Moisturizer (sample, 15mL): another deluxe sample from Sephora. I used it for about a week for night and I really like it. The gel texture is super light weight and is absorbed instantly into the face, leaving a very clean and matte texture. If I like this enough, I may purchase it in the future.
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: I mentioned this here. I will mainly be using this during the flight to combat the dry and recycled cabin air.

carry on - cleansers

carry on - hair care

Dove shampoo and conditioner along with a few pumps of Morrocan hair oil. I really wish this travel package came with another bottle for conditioner, but hopefully this will suffice for a 10 day trip. carry on - miscellaneous

Additionally as if these items were not enough, I plan to add my concealer as well as Benefit’s posie tint and chacha tint into the ziplock bag. Even though the liquid restriction is a big hassel it forces me to be organized. In a way, I’m happy I am not packing full containers of my skincare products.

Edit: I also packed a sample size of my favourite perfume and a mini toothpaste!

Some things to keep in mind while packing is that viscous creams do not sit well in bottles. Originally I had emptied the sunscreen in a bottle and I realized it will be difficult to use. Creams are best stored in containers and liquids are best stored in bottles.

Also, my bestie, Amy as well as the guest author of the Inglot post had launched her own blog! Please pay her a visit, especially if you enjoy reading all things related to beauty, boardgames, and travel :)!

Happy travelling! Stay safe and have fun!

Untitled artwork 2012-11-11 (06.45.23-830 PM)


One thought on “Carry On for International Flight

  1. Amy

    Aww, thanks for the shout-out Bec!! <3

    Apparently the Travalo atomiser is great for bring perfume with you on the go. I saw them for sale at Nordstrom Rack for $8 but didn't pick one up since I don't wear perfume.

    Looks like you're having a great time in Cali so far (according to your tweets). Wish I was there with you guys!


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