Winter Skin Boost

Hey! Sorry for the hiatus. After school started, it was been a crazy whirlwind of applications, work, job-searching and now midterms -wohoo! However, to make up for it, today I am sharing some products that I have been using for the past months to re-hydrate the skin in the frigid Canadian winter.

I have written a previous fall/winter skin care blog post, however, since the Canadian weather’s been averaging -17ºC (1.4ºF), it wasn’t enough for my skin and I started to develop these hard and dry bumps on my cheeks. Here is a list of products that I have used. Please keep in mind that you do not have to get the exact same product, but it’s the type of product and the function that it serves that is important. Also for reference, I have combination skin (oily T-zone, and dry cheeks).

all products  (Left to right: Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask, Vaseline, The Face Shop Jelly Apple Peel, Kiehl’s Lip Balm)

The first product is Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask:laneigeThis product is an overnight mask that you apply on top of your regular night moisturizer and rinse off in the morning. I apply a small amount all over my face before sleeping. Be careful not to apply to much, as it does take sometime to dry, and may feel sticky on your face if you over apply. It has a very liquidy, gel-like texture and has a light fresh scent, similar to some of the CLEAN perfumes. I use this product every other night, or sometimes even daily when I turn my extra heater on overnight. This is because the humidity indoors drastically decreases as the temperature is artificially increased, and a mask will help to retain the moisture on your face. I find that my face is moisturized and supple in the morning after using this mask. It also does not clog pores and did not cause me to break out in any way, in fact it helped to dampen some pimples I had between my eyebrows. This product is also much easier to use on a regular basis compared to sheet masks (and less expensive as well).

I didn’t think this product was amazing as some individuals claim it to be on MakeUpAlley. I just think it is a great extra boost for your skin during the winter time. There are many other alternative face masks available at Sephora. However, for $22 and 80mL it is a great product!

Vaseline and Kheil’s Lip Balm:vaseline and kheils These two products are by far my favourites for the wintertime! The reason I grouped them together is because they are so similar in ingredients. Kiehl’s Lip Balm contains 90.3% petroleum (vaseline)! Indeed, when Kiehl’s is applied, it really has the same texture like petroleum jelly. However, since it is more ergonomically shaped, has sunscreen, and has the added benefit of a fruity scent so I purchased it for $11 (at Holts). I really do think this is effective, since during the -25ºC weather, the corners of my lips started to harden and dry up, however, when I applied the lip balm they returned to normal (I also used my toothbrush sometimes to exfoliate my lips). This product is best used as a conditioning treatment overnight, or when you are not wearing any lip products. Due to its slippery and extremely soft texture, lipsticks do not apply well over it, however a lipgloss could work. If you do not want to overspend for a lipblam, Vaseline is just as effective!

Also, just let me say that VASELINE IS AMAZING!! It is not only super cheap, but it is super effective. I mentioned I had dry, hard, raised patches on my cheeks. Nothing seemed to work. I tried Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense, Lancome’s Genefique Serum (8mL sample), and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Complex (8mL sample) and they had almost no effect!! I didn’t see any improvements with these very expensive products, and in fact the dry patches got worse when the temperature dropped. However, I started using Vaseline a week ago, and my dry patch has completely disappeared!! I simply applied my regular night moisturizer, and applied Vaseline directly over my dry patches (not all over my face).

The last product I wanted to share is the Jelly Apple Peel by The Face Shop:chemical peelI think exfoliation is a very important, particularly during the wintertime when you may have a lot of dry patches or dead skin building up. Generally I favour chemical exfoliants over exfoliants with small microbeads or other abrasions (St.Ives Apricot Scrub) because I think they are more gentle. This particular one claims to “removes dead skin cells without irritation” with AHA. I use this product 1-2x a week and for the past month and so far I’m pleased with the results.

The Face Shop recently opened at Pacific Mall in Toronto and I just grabbed this peel at the recommendation of the sales assistant. When you apply a generous amount, and rub it over your skin for a good minute, it starts to “peel” off the dead skin and aggregate them in these clumps. After rinsing your skin should look slightly brighter. I believe this product was no more than $15, which I think is a pretty decent buy. The Faceshop also has many different flavours for peels (mine is Apple) that suit skin types from dry to oily. This product is very similar to the super popular the Cure Gel that is frequently raved by beauty Gurus. There are many AHA or BHA exfoliants on the market, another popular alternative (raved my MakeUpAlley) are Paula’s exfoliants which are inexpensive as well.

So in summary:

  • Exfoliants: Remove built up of dry, scaly skin
  • Vaseline: Help heal existing dry patches
  • Sleeping Mask: Maintain hydration

I hope you enjoyed the winter skin tips and mini product reviews :)! I have more posts coming…How to Make Japanese Curry and a review of three highlighters! Thanks for reading!

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