YSL Foundation Review

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and New Years :). For Christmas I received an amazing present from Amy! It is the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation :)! Ever since it launched, I’ve been pretty curious about it. I have to say the product did not disappoint.

foundationI have it in BD40. YSL has three categories, B for Beige or Neutral, BR for Beige Rose (pink undertones), and BD for Beige Dore (yellow undertones). Naturally I picked up the shade with yellow undertones. Unfortunately, in North America they do not sell BD 30, but BD40 is a really good match for my skin tone.

swatchesThe swatch at the Top is Lancome’s Teint Miracle Foundation in Buff 2(W) (reviewed in detail here) and the one at the bottom is YSL Touch Eclat in BD40. The Lancome appears to be slightly light and too peachy for my skin tone while the YSL is slightly more yellow. When blended however both seem to match my skin colour when blended. However it does seem that the Teint Miracle seem to accentuate the bumps while YSL mutes these lines.

blank faceMy before face post cleansing and moisturizing.

application processThe application process. I use the same foundation brush reviewed here. As shown in the picture I just dot the foundation around my face and then use the brush to spread it out.

with foundation

The picture on the left is under natural lighting and the picture on the right is in direct sunlight. As you can see the coverage is very natural and slightly dewy. Compared to the Lancome I would say it has less coverage, and more true to your skin. It is very light weight and barely noticeable. However as you may see, I have a dry patch (or hickey scar?) on my left cheek and this foundation may have accentuated this patch. Other than that, it has evened out my skin nicely and provided a very natural finish.

I have wore this foundation for extended periods of time and it seems to hold oil well. There is no noticeable shine after 4 hours. However, keep in mind it is the winter season. The foundation also have a very lovely scent. To me it smells like pear juice, or honeydew. It is very light and fresh and I think it is divine but if you are someone who avoids scented products it is something to consider.

Overall I think this is a great foundation for those with dry skin (such as myself in the winter) since it adds much needed dewiness and glow to your skin. However, if you are seeking a heavy-coverage foundation or a foundation for oily skin, this is probably not the foundation for you.

Overall Impression:

  • Pigmentation: 7/10
  • Texture: 10/10
  • Longevity: 8/10
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5

finished lookThis is a finished look I wore this look to one of the many holiday parties over the break.

I hope you enjoyed the review :)! Please comment below if you have any remedies to clear dry patches on the skin >_<!

Untitled artwork 2012-11-11 (06.45.23-830 PM)


4 thoughts on “YSL Foundation Review

  1. Amy

    Yay, I’m glad you liked it.

    Do you still use night cream? My skin is horribly dry on the mornings after those lazy nights when I’m too lazy to apply it.

    You can also try serums or (gentle) exfoliating!

      1. Amy

        I think you should just use that as an excuse to eat greasy foods and make your skin produce mor sebum and oils. HA!

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