Schwarzkopft Dry Shampoo Review

One of my biggest pet peeves is oily hair. Unfortunately, I have oily hair myself, but even then I avoid washing my hair everyday because it strips the moisture from my hair and it tends to dry out the ends of my hair. Generally I wash my hair every other day, but even then on the second day my hair can become more oily than my liking. I decided to try the Schwarzkopft Osis+ Refresh Dust for $18. It’s a dry shampoo in the form of a spray. I only picked this up because it was recommended to me by the sales assistant at a hair products shop at Pacific Mall. At first I was skeptical of the sales lady, but decided to buy it anyways. In the end I was pleased with the product. This is the before and after photo:


Please excuse my glasses and retainers, it was my hermit day. As you can see my hair is noticeably neater and less greasy!


This is the product from Schwarzkopf, the description at the back says:

REFRESH DUST bodyfying dry shampoo – texture. Shake very well before use. In case of blockage, hold the sprayhead under warm water and dry carefully afterwards. Pressured container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50C…

Here is a detailed photo of my hair that hasn’t been washed in 48 hours:



This is what it looks like after you directly spray the product on to your hair.


Don’t worry about the white, when you rub it into your hair, it will absorb the excess oil and disappear. The product smells like a regular shampoo. This is what it looks like after a minute of rubbing my hair with my hands:

afterAs you can see effect is very noticeable. The dry shampoo definitely works. The strands of hair are no longer clumped together and they are separated. My hair looks less greasy and feels lighter. This is a great product that you can use on the go to clean up your hair. It is pretty much mess free and the effect is immediate. I will definitely be using this when I want a quick fix for my oil-prone crown.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Untitled artwork 2012-11-11 (06.45.23-830 PM)


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