Guest Post: Inglot haul

Hello “Simply Becca Blog” readers!

My name is Amy, a long-time friend of Becca and a fellow makeup enthusiast who has been avidly following this blog ever since its inception. When Bec invited me to write a guest post to show off my recent makeup haul from Inglot, I happily agreed.

Inglot Freedom System 10 Eye Shadow Square Palette

Inglot is a Polish cosmetic brand so well known for its pigmented and smooth eye shadows that it has developed a bit of a cult following within the makeup community/blogosphere. However, it’s not yet a household name (like Maybelline or even MAC) because of its (relative) exclusivity within North America. For example, there are only four Inglot stores in Canada, with three (!!!) of them in Montreal and the last in Chicoutimi, Quebec.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows and Gel Eyeliner

Just a few of the goodies from my Inglot haul…

Luckily for me, I was able to visit the store in the Place Montreal Trust mall while living and studying in Montreal. There was a holiday promotion when I was there two weeks ago: $80CAD for a 10 Square Freedom System Palette + 10 eye shadows. Pretty decent value for less than $8 per shadow considering that each weighs around 2.3g – 3.2g (0.08 – 0.11 US oz). For comparison, an individual MAC eye shadow refill pan costs $14.50CAD for only 1.5g (0.05 oz).

Being a makeup noob, I wanted to play it safe and create a versatile palette that would be suitable for both natural looks (hence the neutral shades) and more dramatic looks that would complement my brown eyes (hence the purples). Originally, I was very interested in their Freedom System Eye Shadow Rainbow squares (3 colours in one pan!) but found them to be less pigmented than the one-colour squares.

Finally, after circling the aisles for the millionth time, I decided on the following 10 colours:



Each eye shadow is individually packaged along with an ingredients sheet:

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Packaging

The plastic packaging seems airtight and has a bubble of air to cushion any falls:

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Packaging

The palette itself has a small magnet on each of its corners, which correspond to the magnets on the translucent lid. The magnets are very strong, so I doubt the palette will accidentally open in your makeup bag. When you want to use it, simply slide the lid horizontally and it’ll open easily.

Empty Inglot Freedom System 10 Eye Shadow Square Palette

You have to unwrap each eye shadow and place them into the desired spot in your palette. Unfortunately, these palettes do not have indentations to allow for easy eye shadow removal, so make sure you’re satisfied with the eye shadow placement before plopping them into the palette! Due to the holiday promotion, it would have been more expensive to buy 10 shadows without the palette. Otherwise, I would have skipped the Inglot palette and made do with a DIY palette.

Inglot Freedom System 10 Eye Shadow Square Palette

Swatch of the top row with shimmery shades:

Inglot Eyeshadows. Left to Right: AMC Shine 25, AMC Shine 21, Pearl 434, DS 482, Pearl 428

Left to Right: AMC Shine 25, AMC Shine 21, Pearl 434, DS 482, Pearl 428

  • #25 is a true shimmery gold.
  • #21 is a shimmery dark brown with warm undertones.
  • #434 is a cool pearl metallic brown-grey taupe.
  • #482 is a glittery cool purple. It’s the grittiest of the five shadows and a tad less pigmented.
  • #428 is a pearl royal blue reminiscent of MAC’s Deep Truth but with a more purple undertone.

Swatch of the all-matte bottom row:

Inglot Eyeshadows. Left to Right: Matte 355, Matte 342, Matte 329, Matte 391, Matte 389

Left to Right: Matte 355, Matte 342, Matte 329, Matte 391, Matte 389

  • #355 is a matte eggshell colour suitable as a highlighter for the browbone and inner corner. It has a yellow undertone.
  • #342 is a warm matte light brown, like the colour of a Tim Horton’s double double. It’s also suitable as brow powder.
  • #329 is a matte chocolate brown.
  • #391 is a true matte black.
  • #389 is a matte dark cool grey with blue undertones.

All of the colours are highly pigmented and swatched on bare skin (no eye shadow primer!). They also seem to blend well when smudged by a finger, but I will reserve judgement until I actually use them with a brush on my lids.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a review of the Inglot gel eyeliner, Becca’s part of the Inglot haul and her review of the YSL Teint Touche Eclat Foundation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Twitter @AmyAime.

Until next time,



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