Uneven Eyes & Wonder Eyelid Tape Review

Hey everyone! A few month ago, I purchased the the Wonder Eyelid Tape in Extra Strength from eBay. Since I was born I had uneven eyes, where one is lidded, while the other one is a monolid. Apparently this is a pretty common phenomenon in East Asians. Generally the differences between the size of the eyes are not too noticeable in every day situations to other people. Although I am  I’m pretty comfortable with how my eyes look I was really interested if these eyelid tapes could make my eyes look even for special events and photographs.

Here is the product:


As I said, I purchased it on eBay for about $10 including shipping. There are 150 tapes, and it comes with a tweezer shaped thing for application.


This is how the applicator and the tape looks like. Basically the tape is double-sided medical grade tape. If you have the time, you could technically make your own eyelid tape with normal medical grade tape. The set also had an instruction manual, but it’s in Japanese.


I think the pictures were rather helpful. Basically you use one side of the applicator to stick to the corners of the tape, and use the other end to gently poke your eye to find your natural crease. Then you slowly place the tape on your natural crease line closer to the inner corners of the eye and blink! It shouldn’t be uncomfortable if applied correctly and should stay in place the whole day.

all natural

This is an all natural picture, as you can see my left eye (right on the picture) has extra skin or fat, which makes it appear smaller than my other eye. It’s really not noticeable in real life situations, unless you are looking for the unevenness. However, it is pretty evident in photos. You can even the eyes out a bit by using a voluminous waterproof mascara.

with mascaraI used Kiss Me, Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara. I really like it, it really holds the curls well. As you can see, the left eye looks slightly bigger now since the mascara have lifted the skin above the eyes a little. Of course, for this to work, you would have to curl your eyelashes and then apply the mascara.

all taped upThis is with the double eyelid tape. As you can can see, my eyes are pretty much even now and there is an obvious crease on the left eye. I applied the eyelid tape closer to the inner corner of my eyes. It really only takes 1-2 minutes to apply the tape if you know how to do it properly. That being said, it took me a good 10 tries or so before I learnt the proper way. Previously, I have always applied the tape to the natural crease line closer to the outer edges. That not only make the artificial lid look unnatural, but it was also very uncomfortable. When applied correctly, you can barely feel it on your skin.

It’s not too noticeable, and unnatural looking. As you can tell from the middle picture, there is an obvious fold where the eyelids are taped together, but people probably can’t tell you are wearing tape on your eyes unless you tell them beforehand. The effect is also pretty natural. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the product!

finished (Face: with Lancome Miracle Foundation and Tarte Amazonian Blush in Exposed)

This is not definitely something I am committing to everyday. However, I will keep this in mind for photos such as my upcoming grad photo shoot :). Hope you enjoyed the review!

Untitled artwork 2012-11-11 (06.45.23-830 PM)


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