Club Monaco and J. Crew Haul & Review

I just received both of my black friday hauls! They were shipped extremely fast. The Club Monaco order took one day to process and only one day to ship (via UPS) ! One is from the sale at Club Monaco and the other is from J. Crew’s black friday event (25% off everything and free ship over $150). I wish I could take an outfit photo outdoors…but the weather lately in Kingston has been pretty crappy. On Friday we had mild temperatures but there was heavy rain…and today is was super cold and windy! So unfortunately I had to take these photos indoors :(.

Here is the first two items (both from Club Monaco):

Hunter Tee (XS):
I really liked the design of this T-shirt…but the material was a bit strange. It’s not composed of cotton but has a knit feel since it’s made from a blend of lyocell and wool. This makes it semi see-through and very stretchy. Although it’s comfortable I don’t know how I feel about having my belly button exposed. And although the leather trims are cute they are hard to clean… I will be returning this item.
Sonia Jeans (26):
I really, really like this pair of pants and I am definitely keeping them. It is everything I want a skinny jean to be. Comfortable, slimming, and there is minimal bunching at the knee! It is a bit long though…but that is an easy fix (I’m 5′ 6 for reference). This is in a size 26 since I knew CM has non-vanity sizing and 25 would be too small around the waist area. I will compare the sizing discrepancies between CM and J. Crew later in the post…

Susan Shirt in French Blue (XS): I always wanted a shirt in this style…for layering under sweaters and for casual wear when the weather is warmer. The fit is slightly oversized but is still tapered around the waist. The material is light and is good quality as well..but I’m not 100% sold on this shirt. It may because it came wrinkled in the mail, so I will have to iron it out and make a decision later… One thing for sure though, it definitely looks better tucked in! Edit: I returned this item 
Elsa Pant (02): I wanted a pair of red pants since fall begun…but never found an appropriate pair at the right price. This pair of pants fits me pretty well, it’s skinny but not super tight like the Sonia Jeans. It’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t give me the dreaded muffin top after a large meal. I will most definitely be keeping this pair of pants :).

I also purchased two pair of pants from J. Crew. Both are the “Minnie Paint” in stretch twill, both are in size 0.

I’ve been pining for a pair of dark green pants for the past little while and the “Boulevard Green” looked absolutely delicious. These can double as work pants as well as casual pants depending on how you dress them up. They are extremely comfortable! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of dressy pants that feel like tights…! But they do have a side zipper instead of a front zipper…which is more comfortable around the stomach but may give you the “pancake butt effect” according to some blogs, but they seem to be fine on me. I will definitely be wear these with boots in the winter and flats in the spring :)!

Although this pair of pants are in size 0…they are maybe half an inch too big for me around the waist, but it is still fine without a belt on me. This is definitely much bigger than the Elsa Pant from Club Monaco in size 2! This just goes to show the extend of vanity sizing at J. Crew….

I’ve always wanted a pair of comfortable black pants….but this pair was a big disappointment! Although they were in the same size as the green pair….they are MUCH bigger. The waist is at least 2 inches too big on me. Not only that they are also bigger on the legs. As you can see they fit really funny on the bottom and doesn’t flatter me at all. They are also half an inch longer than the green pair…:s.

Top: Sonia Jeans (size 26), Green Minnie (0), Black Minnie (0)
When I layered the pants on top of each other…it became pretty obvious that the black pair was much bigger in every dimension than the green pair. Needless to say I will be returning the black pair of Minnies.

The sale is still on going at Club Monaco and J. Crew! Remember that there is a 5% rebate from Paypal and Ebates also have cash-back for these two stores :)! I hope this review was helpful!

P.S. Please excuse my hard-working boyfriend reflection in the mirror :P

4 thoughts on “Club Monaco and J. Crew Haul & Review

  1. Amy

    Ah, I actually like the sheer shirt. The red pants fit you nicely too. However, I think the other pants are too short on you and the blue button-up seems too baggy.


    1. Becca Post author

      The shirt looks better on photos than IRL! It’s the kind of material that might get caught or poked by something and it will be damaged forever… I got the Minnie mainly because of the colour :). I agree about the blue shirt though.. I will most likely return that too!

  2. Cheryl Chambers

    Can you please do more Club Monaco hauls? It’s my favourite store and I love to see how people style their clothing. There is a big sale going on right now. 40% off already reduced clothing. Perhaps you can do a summer sale haul … love this blog!

    1. Becca Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I apologize for my absence. Unfortunately I haven’t done a Club Monaco Haul during this year’s sale, but I will be updating soon :)!


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