November Topbox Review

Hey everyone! This is my first time subscribing to a monthly make-up subscription service. Topbox shipped on Tuesday from Mississauga and I received it on Wednesday, so it was pretty fast shipping to Kingston. The most fun part of receiving these boxes is definitely opening the box since you don’t know what you will receive beforehand. I know there are many other subscription boxes in Canada such as Glossybox and LuxeBox. However, I find Glossybox items to be lackluster in most months and Luxebox is too expensive at $20-something per season, so I settled with Topbox.

Here are the items I received for November (I had Box #5):

I didn’t even bother taking a photo of the packing it came in because it was basically a plain cardboard cylinder. Here are the products without their cardboard packaging.

Ahh!! I’m so glad the perfume sample is a deluxe mini sample instead of those sprays you can get for free at Shoppers or The Bay. This is their description of the products:

Here are some detailed pictures:

Benefit Mascara: I realize this sample has a different outer shell than the deluxe sample I received at Sephora. The tube is cylindercal while the other one was slightly more streamlined like the full-sized product. I really like mascara samples since mascaras tend to go bad pretty quickly. As for the actual product, I don’t think it’s for me because it doesn’t hold the curl on my straight Asian lashes. However, it volumizes and lengthens nicely. I gave it to my friend and she loved it. Needless to say, I will be passing this sample along to her as well.

Cuccio Naturale Pomegrante and Fig Butter (0.3oz): This product is Canadian and I’ve never seen this brand before. The sample is TINY. I have used it for two days and the 9mL sample is almost gone. It smells very light and natural (like how you would imagine a real pomegranate to smell) and the butter itself is very very light unlike most body butters. I think it’s mostly water-based which makes it easy to absorb into the skin. However, it isn’t able to completely moisturize my hands or feet as it claims to do. I prefer my original body butters from The Body Shop.

Roberto Cavalli eau de Perfume (5mL): Sephora has been advertising this perfume a lot in their emails, so I’ve been curious about its scent. It is a warm, wintery and floral perfume that is definitely targeted towards slightly older women. The top note consist of pink pepper, middle note consists of Orange African flower and base notes are Tonka Bean and vanilla (more details here). I enjoyed this scent but I still prefer fresh smelling perfumes. It is a bit heavy for me but definitely not headache inducing or suffocating like many other heavier floral perfumes I’ve tried. It did last on me all day even after I showered, so it has good staying power. I will be passing this to my mom who will probably enjoy it more. It seems to be very popular since the 1.7oz and 2.5oz versions are sold out at Sephora (probably due to the VIB sale).

China Glaze Elephant Walk (from the Safari Collection): This product is full sized (14mL). It is my favorite product in this box. It is also my first China Glaze nail polish. I have to say I love it since I’m a big fan of grey and taupey nail polishes. It is very opaque, creamy and dries super fast (just as fast as Essie’s thinner but equally opaque formulas. It is a cool grey with very small sparkles (better picture here by Scrangie)

Overall, I was pleased with this box and I thought it was much better than the October Box (see at Canadian Beauty Reviews). I am undecided about continuing since they are increasing their price from $10 to $12 (not including tax) so the value of the items will decrease. For $10 it is decent since I will be able to fully use 3/4 items in this box and the samples are good quality (and not something I could get for free at the counter…except maybe the body butter). Currently Topbox has a waiting list but I think they will be accepting a large number of subscribers again like they did in October. I will keep you updated if I continue subscribing!

Edit: In the end I decided to cancel the subscription. I decided it’s probably better to indulge in a few make up items I love rather than waiting every month for a few unknown goodies that I may or may not like. That is not to say the box is not worth it, but personally I think be money spend on the boxes (12 x $12 a year) can be better spent. 

4 thoughts on “November Topbox Review

  1. Amy

    I don’t think these surprise boxes are worth it at all, ESPECIALLY because you have no idea what you’d get. You didn’t like most of the items. This is basically signing up to be marketed to. -.-

    1. Becca Post author

      It’s true. But if you can overlook the fact that you are a marketing tool…they do have better samples than you would normally find. I can’t imagine anyone continuing these subscriptions forever though…you’ll have so many minis lying around!!

  2. Anonymous

    hey! im stalking you on your blog. i found out about topbox a couple of days ago and was just about to tell you about it, figured you would like that stuff. LOL beat me to it already! I was really thinking about getting it, but with your review now, i suddenly became undecided.. sigh… if i only had 150 bucks just lying around

    1. Becca Post author

      Hi Someone!! Thanks for stalking. As for the Topbox…think about it this way…you could probably spend $100 and buy a bunch of stuff you really really like instead of having someone decide for you of what you may or may not like :)!


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