Fall Grunge

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile, but I’m happy to say that the wave of midterms, presentations and assignments has finally ended :)! I went home last weekend and had the chance to take some photos with my mom at a ravine in Oak Ridges (in Richmond Hill). I’ve been waiting to take some fall photos for a long time, but the time was never right, so I’m super excited to have the opportunity to take these photos.

Jacket: GAP/Faux Fur Wrap: GAP/ 7 for Mankind Jeans: Gwenevere Grey/Shoes: Stuart Weitzman 50/50 in Grey Suede

It’s been getting pretty chilly in Southern Ontario. Right now it’s hovering slightly above 0 degrees celsius. So I got out my faux fur wrap that I bought from GAP last year and my super old military style coat from high school. It’s funny how it still doesn’t look out of place. This really goes to show that investing in quality garments pays off especially in classic or, in this case, reoccurring trends.

Brrr…rubbing my hands together to gather some warmth.

I’m really lucky to have these two items in my closet. I have never previously invested in a pair of $200 jeans and probably won’t in the near future due to the price tag. However, I frequently stalk Kelly’s Alterations Needed forum, and managed to grab it off a fellow fashion lover at a really good price. Now I realize the difference in fit and quality between designer denim and regular denim… and I’m reluctant to go back, haha. As for these Stuart Weitzman 50/50s…I’ve been thinking about them ever since Wendy made a video about her leather pair. I luckily found someone who was willing to sell these grey suede pairs in my size in Toronto last spring at a discounted price. They are super warm, comfortable and easy to pair, and I feel very fortunate to own them.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit. I’ll have more posts coming soon about skincare and some products reviews :)! See you soon!

– Becca


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