Academic Affair & Modcloth Haul

Hey everyone! I placed a order on Modcloth a few weeks ago, and it arrived recently. Modcloth is currently doing a promotion: get $20 off a $50+ purchase if you have a referral link (here’s mine) until Oct 31. When I received the promotion, I promptly placed an order for two items because Modcloth rarely has any coupons or discounts! I ordered an over-sized sweater and a bow-tie blouse. The blouse is featured in this outfit!

Pine Green Wool Beret
(Ebay)/Academic Tweed Blazer (All Saints)/Bow-tie bouse (Modcloth)/Wool Navy Skirt (American Eagle)/ Ferragamo Vara Heels in Navy (Ebay) / Leather Tote (from China)

I purchased this blazer about a year ago, and I loooove it! Inititally it was $250, but I purchased it for around $125 when All Saints had a free shipping promotion. Even for that price, the blazer was outside of my usual budget range, but the fit is great, the material is unique and good quality, so I was very satisfied. If I had to nitpick, I’d say the sleeves are a bit long.

I also purchased a beret ever since I saw some on display at American Apparel, however the price tag was too steep at $35, so I search a bit on eBay, and found a nearly identical item for only $10 (including shipping)! I promptly purchased it in my current favourite colour: pine green.

Now on to the fit review of the mod-cloth purchases! Please excuse the poor photo quality, it’s been getting dark really quickly in Canada (completely dark around 7pm) so I had to take these photos in my bedroom.

When I ordered the Vanilla Milk Top in Small, I knew it would be slightly large for me. However, it fits decently, the material is not too wrinkle prone and it feels nice. It is definitely more of a lighter material, suitable for wearing alone in the summer. It’s not too sheer (nude bra would be fine), however it is not a thick material either. As for fit, the arms are too wide for me, especially the “arm holes” for the 3/4 sleeves, which looks kind of ridiculous. I will either have to get them tailored sometime… or just wear it under blazers and cardigans (which is fine considering the weather we currently have).

The other item I ordered was a over-sized, hi-low sweater called “For Pepper or for Worse“. I really wanted a multi-colored knited sweater that was slightly oversized. I’ve searched a lot of places but they were either not what I wanted or overpriced. I was really happy when Modcloth carried this, and I bought it in S/M. It is currently sold-out online, but they often restock their styles so place a “need it” request if you are interested in it.

This sweater takes on a “flying-squirrel” shape as my friend’s boyfriend affectionately calls it. It is definitely wider than a lot of my other sweaters, but it looks fine as long as my arms are not extended. The material kind of feels like a very soft rug and it is very comfortable. It is currently my favourite go-to sweater when I am in a rush in the mornings. However, be warned that the sweater is not as thick as it may appear on the website!

I hope you enjoy the outfit post and the review! Hopefully you’ll take advantage of the Modcloth deal and pick up something nice for yourself :)!

– Becca


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