Foundation and Foundation Brush Rave

I’ve been meaning to put up this review for a long time, but I was always in a rush in the mornings! I wanted to share with you my favourite products which I’ve been using non-stop! This is my Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation and the brush I use to apply it. I am not really a foundation person, but after watching Lisa Eldridge on YouTube, I became pretty fascinated with them. I do not apply foundation over my entire face. I only apply in the T zone and chin.

Lancome: Teint Miracle in Buff 2(W) / Brush: Japonesque Travel Point Brush

I had never heard of this brand before until I stepped into Kingston’s newest make-up store: Made You Blush. This store had really great service. They showed me many different types of foundation brushes and the sales assistants weren’t too pushy. However, be warned… the prices are a steeper than prices online. I had a choice between many different bristle shapes, but I chose this one in particular because I thought the narrow point at the end would be really useful for reaching crevices such as around my nose and mouth. This brush also works well as an under-eye concealer brush.

No makeup face, in the morning after a late night on Friday. Post cleansing and moisturizing. I look pretty tired, and there’s definitely some redness around the nose.

Post foundation face! My skin looks so much more even and luminous. I really like the finish of this foundation. I previously had Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra foundation, but it was too heavy for my skin and emphasized all my dry areas. This foundation is a lot thinner and more water based compared to the Idole Ultra, which made it easier to apply and spread around the face. The Idole Ultra has medium-to-heavy coverage, while the Miracle has light-to-medium coverage. Another issue is, as you can see the from the picture, it still emphasized some dry patches around my mouth area. When I compare the Idole and the Miracle, the Idole lasted a lot longer on my face. For reference, my face is oily-combination (oily in the T zone and chin, and dry in the cheeks). Idole can last all day without touch up for a good 8 hours. However, since Miracle has a more luminous finish, it starts to become oily around only 4-5 hours after wear, compared to the advertised 18H (but this is less of a concern during fall/winter). I also love the finish of the foundation. It feels so lightweight and soft, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing foundation at all!

Overall Impression:

  • Pigmentation: 8.5/10
  • Texture: 10/10
  • Longevity: 7/10
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Price: 3/5

I’ve been using my hands for a few weeks and the result has been decent, but I really dislike the junk which gets trapped in my nails after the application. It is definitely easier and faster to apply with a brush! I love the travel point brush by Japonesque! I’ve never heard of this brand until I visited the makeup store. Since I only apply foundation in the center of my face, I needed a foundation brush that could cover hard to reach places. It is just stiff enough to spread the foundation, small and pointed enough to reach the crevices and soft enough to not leave a streak! LOVE!

Concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear in 01/ Eyeshadow: Clinique Duo in Strawberry Fudge/ Mascara: Kiss Me Heroine/ Eyeliner: Dolly Wink in Black/ Blush: Lancome Blush Subtil Aplum/ Lipstick: Estee Lauder in Candy Shimmer (not shown)

Here are the other products I’ve used for my face. I applied my HG concealer under my eyes. I received the Clinique mini-palette from The Bay’s Clinique Counter during their promotion period a few weeks ago. I REALLY like the “pink” shade. The colour isn’t actually pink, but an iridescent gold with baby pink flecks :)!!! I applied the darker colour closer to the corners. I also applied my favourite mascara (the mascara I believe can truly maintain curl on Asian lashes), and my current favourite eyeliner. I also received a small plummy blush (GWP) from Lancome when I purchased the Miracle foundation. I am really liking it so far. It gives a very natural flush for autumn/winter.

The finished look! Hope you enjoyed the review!


Please note that I purchased all these products with my own money and everything is my honest opinion.

4 thoughts on “Foundation and Foundation Brush Rave

  1. Heywood

    Becca this post is amazing! I’ve actually been looking for a new foundation to use because I’m almost finished with my current one! Love the pictures and the wonderful review! Can’t wait to see more! :)

    1. Becca Post author

      :D!! Thank you Heywood! You should also check out YSL Touche Foundation that recently came out. There’s a lot of rave reviews :)

  2. JEN (and rain lol)

    Hey Becca, my face oils up fairly fast and that pretty much kills my current foundation. Would this one be good for me?

    1. Becca Post author

      Hi Jen! You can try using the same foundation by using a setting powder, use a heavier face wash in the morning, or use a lighter day moisturizer. If you have very oily skin you should use a foundation with a matte or velvet finish like MUFE Mat Velvet +, or a mineral foundation :). My face becomes oily easily when it is really warm. I think for Lancome wise, Teint Idole Ultra will be the better choice, BUT the coverage might be too high for you.


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