Simple and Bright Fall Outfit

Happy friday everyone!

The weather is becoming a lot cooler and the trees are turning colours :3… which means my favourite season is here!

This is a pretty comfy, yet slightly dressy outfit that I wore while running around the university campus. As you can probably tell from my fashion posts, I’m a big fan of bright and rich colour palettes, and this outfit certainly demonstrates that.

Sweater: Zara (old) – $40

Wool Skirt: Probably Dynamite – $5 (super boxing-day sale)

T-shirt: GAP – $25

Leather Bag: Unknown – gifted

Shoes: Aldo (last fall) – $15

Glasses: Giorgio Armani – really expensive, but covered under medical insurance

As you can tell, the skirt is pretty low quality and has wrinkles all around the back. Not to mention the fact that it also bunches up weirdly when I sit. This is why I don’t like shopping at fast fashion stores targeted to teenagers or young adults :(.

This is pretty much my face for a lazy school day. I have applied concealer, buffed my face with Lancome Dual Finish and applied a light layer of lipstick! Next time I should really apply bronzer if I plan to take photos; photographs tend to exaggerate how round my face is >;.<;;.

Also, if you guys are interested, I could take some photos of Queen’s specifically. It is really beautiful in the fall <;3!

Thanks for reading :).

– Becca


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