Sunny Sundays

Hi everyone! It’s been raining and miserable all week, but today was really sunny! This outfit was for lunch and post-lunch bubble tea! This photo was taken on Princess St. in downtown Kingston.

Top: Calvin Klein – $24 (in store super sale)

Skirt: ASOS – $37 (now on-sale for $24)

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman – $45 (eBay)

Bag: Longchamp Pilage, short handle – $45 (Pre-Owned, eBay)

Happy Sunday everyone! School has been really busy, but I’m hoping to upload a lot of fall/rainy outfits for the upcoming week, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

– Becca


7 thoughts on “Sunny Sundays

  1. Amy

    Drats, it seems my streak of being first commenter ends here. Gotta be more diligent haha. :) Montreal was very dreary this week too.


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